Bath Sponge Body Dead Skin Remover

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Bath Sponge Body Dead Skin Remover

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Product description

Bath Sponge Body Dead Skin Remover Exfoliating Massager Cleaning Shower Brush Peeling Sponge For Washing For The Body For Adults

Made of PVA material, it is comfortable and soft. It will not scratch your babys delicate skin when you use it.
Make skin silky smooth, and suitable for babies and adults. Father, mother, child, etc. should be used alone and healthier.
When you use it to exfoliate, you will see the skin roll begin to fall off, and you will be amazed at the results and feel the new healthy soft skin feel.
Improves skin feel and appearance by using immediate scrubbing and removal of all dead skin cells. It also helps to clean residual toxin impurities from the neck, shoulders, arms, legs, etc.


How to use:


1. Soak the sponge completely, and then squeeze out the water to ensure that the sponge is slightly moist;

2. Let your skin soak in warm water for a while before scrubbing;

3. scrub your skin back and forth against the direction of hair growth.

EFFECTIVE SKIN CLEANER - Our Ultra Soft Exfoliating Sponge is a must-have bathing accessory to remove dry, dead skin cells in a non-irritating way and keep your skin smooth and healthy. USE AT LEAST ONE WEEK AND EVERY TIME AFTER USE LOOK AT THE SPONGE, YOU MAY SEE THE SPONGE ABSORBING DIRT FROM THE SKIN WHICH IS OTHERWISE NOT EASY TO REMOVE. Please read the description for use step by step for the best results

SOFT MATERIAL – Made of soft and durable material, smooth and starch-free touch and good water absorption, so it will not scratch your skin when you use it on your face and body. SUITABLE OCCASIONS - Suitable for cleaning your skin, you just need to soak in the water for a while, scrub your body by the sponge with water, DON’T USE SOAP OR SHAMPOO, then it will make your skin moisturize and smooth after using.

Offers a soothing, sensory experience during bath time while safely removing dry, dead skin without irritation.

SUITABLE FOR KID AND ADULT – This soft bathing sponge may be a perfect GIFT CHOICE to your loved ones, friends and family as it is perfect for everyone without any restrictions of gender or age. Can be used on babies, grown-up children and adults.


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